Longitude Licensing Ltd. (“Longitude”) is a business created to acquire intellectual property from many of the world’s pre-eminent technology companies.

Longitude is a member of the IPValue Management Group and operates through a combination of in-house resources, partnerships and broad-based support agreements with patent licensing firms.

Based in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland, Longitude is privately owned by Vector Capital.

Tahoe Research Limited (“Tahoe”) is the owner of nearly 5,000 worldwide patents and pending applications. These patents were acquired from Intel Corporation and draws from nearly two decades of Intel innovation. The portfolio includes inventions relating to microprocessors, application processors, logic devices, computing systems, memory and storage, connectivity and communications, packaging, semiconductor architecture and design, semiconductor manufacturing, and other technologies. IPValue Management, Inc. and Longitude Licensing Ltd. conduct the licensing of the Tahoe portfolio. For details on licensing opportunities, please contact Tahoe.Licensing@IPValue.com or Tahoe.Licensing@LongitudeLicensing.ie.

Longitude Licensing Ltd. is the owner of over 1,000 worldwide patents and pending applications that were assigned by Elpida Memory, Inc. immediately prior to its acquisition by Micron Memory Japan, Inc. (Elpida Memory Inc.). These patents were generated from the extensive R&D efforts of Elpida and its founds Hitachi and NEC, and they relate to a variety of products and technologies, including processors, servers, personal computers, storage devices, mobile phones and other wireless mobile devices, flash memory, and DDR memory.

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Advanced Interconnect Systems, Ltd ("AIS") is the owner of over 300 worldwide patents and pending applications. These patents are the result of years of innovative R&D by Seiko Epson Corporation. AIS’s patents are primarily related to Through-Silicon Via (TSV) technology for semiconductors and are relevant to a variety of semiconductor devices, including CMOS image sensors, stacked memories, high bandwidth memory modules, field programmable gate arrays, and wafer level chip scale packages. Most of these advanced technologies are incorporated into products including phones, tablets, computers, servers, and storage systems.

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138 East LCD Advancements Ltd ("138 East") is the owner of over 1,200 worldwide patents and pending applications, including over 600 active and pending patents and applications directed to display related technologies. These patents cover inventions developed by Seiko Epson Corporation, a pioneer in LCD technologies and also a recognized innovator of semiconductors and electronics components and devices. Patents in the 138 East portfolio cover wide-ranging innovations used in nearly all modern displays, including pixel layouts, electrode structures, panel seals and terminals, display drivers, optical layers, backlighting, panel housing and OLEDs.

Longitude Flash Memory Solutions, Ltd. (“LFMS”) is the owner of over 500 worldwide patents and pending applications. These patents and applications were acquired from Cypress Semiconductor, which was acquired by Infineon Technologies in 2020. These assets are the result of significant R&D efforts by Cypress Semiconductor, Spansion, AMD, Fujitsu, Saifun, Samsung Electronics, and other major semiconductor companies. LFMS patents relate primarily to memory technology (both volatile and non-volatile) and are also relevant to other technologies such as: computing architecture, communication and network architecture, processors, microcontrollers, semiconductors, and power management.

Marlin Semiconductor Ltd. (“MSL”) is the owner of over 770 worldwide patents and pending applications.  These patents were acquired from United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), one of the world’s leading semiconductor foundry manufacturers, and represent UMC’s extensive and longstanding commitment to industry leadership and innovation.  MSL’s patents cover many aspects of semiconductor structures, processes, and circuits, and apply to many types of products, including those using advanced communication, infrastructure, cloud computing, memory, imaging, and processing technologies.  Longitude Licensing Ltd., as exclusive licensee, conducts the licensing of the MSL portfolio. IPValue Management, Inc. advises and supports Longitude in the licensing of the portfolio. For details on licensing opportunities, please contact MSL.Licensing@LongitudeLicensing.ie.