Longitude operates by partnering with patent owners to prosecute and license patent portfolios on an exclusive basis. The company will also form customized arrangements that combine exclusive licensing rights and ownership positions, and it may also acquire patents outright from other global patent owners.

Longitude has the licensing rights to portfolios totalling nearly 4,000 semiconductor and computer memory patents and patent applications originally filed by well-known technology companies. The portfolios are now owned by two Longitude affiliate companies, which granted the exclusive licensing rights to Longitude. Longitude is now working to maximize the value of these portfolios.

Longitude’s goal is to grow rapidly by pursuing multiple opportunities in the patent licensing space. While Longitude is currently focused on patented semiconductor memory technologies, going forward the company will broaden its business to encompass patent portfolios in related technologies, such as wireless communications and consumer electronics. Longer term, the company may expand its intellectual property management services into other high-value sectors.